What? Social Proof? – Trigbeez

Normative social influence is the best possible way to describe social proof. This states people will conform to be like in order by, similar to or accepted by influencers or society.

While browsing landing pages and seeing industry expert testimonials you respect, you view the Social proof. When signing up for demos that industry giants use, that is social proof. When cruising pricing pages and viewing industry giants using the same tool, that becomes social proof.

Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. The idea is that since so many other people behave in a certain way, it must be the correct behavior.

Social proof becomes a clinical part of executing a landing page strategy. As customers, we view and buy products which help us feel good. Through social proof via reviews, trust icons, and testimonials you assist customers in making a confident decision and feeling as if they’re part of something bigger.

Planned carefully, you can spark emotional triggers across your pages. These will influence customer feelings towards their purchase and your business.

It is evident how giant brands such as Booking.com continuously push for reviews on their sites. People are always looking out to see others enjoying the same product they’re interested in. This would be the classic example of social proof: ideas that buyers are influenced by the actions and decisions of others around them.